About Trane Air Conditioners

Trane is one of the top two names in Air Conditioning and delivers long lasting, durable, quality products.

Not only do Trane Air Conditioners cool your home, but they also clean the air while doing this. Trane boldly states that their air conditioners remove around 99% of dust and other air borne allergens using the Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system. Obviously this is a great feature for those of us who have allergies or breathing issues.

All of the Trane Air Conditions are made from materials that are tested repeatedly to ensure highest quality and strength in the product.

With Trane’s focus on providing increased efficiency in home cooling you are able to substantially decrease the cost of keeping your home cool and the air clean.

There are Four options when looking at a Trane Air Conditioner, each of the products is available for various sized spaces. No matter how big or small the area is, there will be a Trane Unit to best suit the needs of that space.

TRANE XL20i | Ultimate Efficiency

This unit prides itself in efficiency.  The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration rating is up to 20.00 and is among the most efficient ratings available in air conditioners today. This is made possible by the XL20i’s two compressors. One for mild days and another for incredibly hot days. You basically have two air conditioning units in one and are not wasting a high powered unit on a mild day or trying to make a lesser powered unit over work itself on a very hot day.
With ComfortLink II communication technology allows your systems key components to ‘talk’ to each other and your system will automatically charge, configure and calibrate ensuring optimal performance. This runs through the lifetime of your air conditioner and effectively lengthens the lifetime.
You have the option of adding a Telephone Access Module which allows you to control your unit and adjust various settings as well as receiving updates, via your phone.
The unit is quiet and operates with multiple fans ensuring ultimate comfort.

TRANE XL15i | Super Efficiency

This particular unit, the XL15i, boasts the lowest sound level among all of the Trane single stage systems.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration rating is up to 16.00 which makes the XL15i an energy efficient choice for any home or office and this level of efficiency, when compared to other air conditioning brands, can lower the cost of keeping your home cool.

TRANEXR15 | High Efficiency

Trane’s XR15 has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of up to 17.00 making it a great choice for homeowners wanting to earn energy-efficiency tax credits while experiencing the comfort of Trane Air Conditioners.

TRANE XB14 | Standard

This unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of up to 16.00 meeting Energy Star and energy tax credit requirements while enjoying the luxury and quality of a Trane Air Conditioning Unit